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Hello World…I’m Here Now and Life is Getting Better!!

Michelle@50Ok! So I finally decided to do something about this blogging thing…and to do it in a whole new format for me as well. It’s pretty sad when I who am of an age that I cannot share, has a mother, who is of an age I DARE NOT share, knows more about the goings on and the up and comings of the Internet. Yeah, so I’m late at something else again! I should know by now to listen to my mother….not matter what my age is….after all, had I listened to her, hmmmm…I don’t know, 14 or so years ago….I would have taken the $5,000 I had and invested it into that coffee company. But NO! Not me! After all, what on earth was so great about coffee…and who would be so interested in coffee that they would actually go to a store that only sold coffee? And what kind of name is Starbucks…sounds like something from Battlestar Galactica or Moby Dick.

So you see, I didn’t get rich from buying one of the hottest stocks to hit the market at a time when it was really ground floor opportunity…seems like the story of my life. And that’s about to change! I am getting on this wagon now come hell or high water and learning to blog and use wordpress.


Do I care if you read this….nope, it’s my learning experience and will, I am sure, be full of fluff, nonsense, errors, drivel, more errors, my opinions (I am very opinionated), and anything else I can think of to put into it….

Do I need you to read this….OF COURSE I DO! I need to know that all this drivel is going to go somewhere, besides, I can be quiet comical at times, serious at others and you definitely don’t want to miss the opportunity to get inside my head….it’s a very dangerous, yet interesting place. So stick around and let’s see what happens as the madness rolls in.